well, that takes the Cake!

As I was perusing pinterest, I came across a picture with the subtitle “Cheese, Wedding.” This immediately sparked my interest as I am a HUGE wine and cheese fan. In fact, on Sundays you can usually find me in the gourmet cheese section of Whole Foods debating between Spanish manchego or apricot stilton. This clearly is something right up my alley. As I clicked through the gallery and then typed “cheese wedding cake” into Google, I found, well, wedding cakes made of barrels of cheese! Obviously, for some brides, this simply isn’t going to cut it (no pun intended), but some brides go this route! What are your thoughts on non-traditional cakes? I personally love straying from tradition, especially when it reflects the couples’ unique and special likes and personality! That said, many guests may like something sweet at the end of a meal. As a planner, my suggestion would be go with whatever cake (traditional or otherwise) you like (remember: it’s your wedding!) but provide a dessert bar as well. Trust me: there’s a reason wine and chocolate are paired together as well 😉


gorgeous cake & photo from http://ocello.com.au/cheese-wedding/


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