My Favorite Weddings of 2012

I love all styles and sizes of weddings, but there’s something special about celebrity weddings that allows us to vicariously live out our wildest wedding dreams! 2012’s weddings, while more private and understated (at least by celebrity standards), didn’t disappoint. The top three things these 10 A-list couples’ weddings had in common? Destination or backyard wedding locales, half were either pregnant or had a child together and 30% served vegan food!

  1. Chris & Tara – Mr. Big was Mr. Private on his big day. He and Tara only invited 10 people to their low-key wedding in Maui and their son, Orion, served as ring bearer. Maybe his sweetly simple wedding to Carrie Bradshaw inspired this groom’s real-life wedding style?
  2. Alec & Hilaria – For a couple that only shook hands the first 6 weeks they dated, these two definitely ramped up the romance for their NYC wedding. Instead of the bride worrying about fitting into her gown, this Yogi was focused on getting her pre-diabetic groom into suit-worthy shape! Alec lost 40 pounds before the wedding so he could fit into a sleek Tom Ford suit. Now I assumed that he let his diet slip that day to enjoy some delicious wedding cake but Hilaria made sure he could stick to his healthy lifestyle by having TWO cakes – one vegan and one for the rest of the regular cake lovers (aka – ME!).
  3. Ben & Natalie – This couple had a traditional Jewish wedding with very nontraditional touches. Natalie wore a floral halo and  Rodarte tea-length dress while both wedding bands were made of recycled platinum and contained conflict-free diamonds. The guest favors were lavish packets of… wildflower seeds!! I love flowers as much as the next girl, but I would be a little bummed to go to a celebrity wedding and walk away with some seeds. The only way the happy couple could lift my spirits? A ballet first dance in homage to their Black Swan meeting.
  4. Mario & Courtney – I have to admit that I was more of a Zack Morris fan, but I was still excited to see A.C. Slater finally get his happily ever after. I watched the drama unfold on TLC’s wedding special. Topping the list of “I can’t believe it” moments? 11,500 cream and blush roses were flown 2,000 miles to Mexico from LA, the cake was driven 47 hours from Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken, NJ (does that not have a stale ring to it?) and the groom did some heavy lifting  (shirtless, of course) just hours before the wedding to ensure it would all be set up in time for his bride-to-be / baby momma. Somewhere Jessi Spano is shedding a tear.
  5. Will & Drew  – I think I speak for all celeb-lovers when I say I hope that the third time is the charm for Drew. Especially since her father-in-law was a former CEO of Chanel, hence the head-to-toe Chanel looks for the newlyweds. While this wedding had a star-studded guest list, what I loved most was how fun and personal the celebration was. Drew served Barrymore wine from her vineyard and yummy comfort food, there were teepees set up and filled with movies and games for the kids, a funky 80’s band performed, and a late night burger truck kept everyone energized.
  6. Mark & Priscilla – As the youngest married billionaire couple, I was expecting Mark & Priscilla’s wedding to be dripping in luxury. But it couldn’t have been more different. The groom emailed (hello, why didn’t he create a Facebook event??) 80 family members and friends an invitation to his fiance’s medical school graduation party in their backyard. Priscilla wore a $4,700 Claire Pettibone dress and they ordered sushi and Mexican food from two of their favorite local restaurants. The only sign that it was a celebrity wedding? Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong performed for the new Mr. & Mrs.
  7. Matthew & Camila – As a fan of slumber parties, I thought it was so fun that this cool couple invited all of their guests to glamp (glamorous camping for you rugged readers) in their Austin, TX backyard during the wedding weekend. Other cool factors? The beautiful bride chose a family friend from her Brazilian hometown to create her wedding dress and their uber cute kids, Levi & Vida, also walked down the aisle as ring bearer and flower girl.
  8. Adam & Anne – For me, the biggest mystery of this wedding was why Anne wore no jewelry when she was marrying a jewelry designer! How did that happen? But she made up for it with yards and yards of tulle crafted by retired designer Valentino. Mourning her pixie haircut, she covered it with a beautiful 20’s style hair band. The one accessory I’m still waiting to hear about is her footwear. On the wedding invitation, the couple advised guests to wear comfortable shoes to their rocky, cliff-side wedding in Big Sur. Could this fashionable bride have worn flats??
  9. Ryan & Blake – I think these nuptials win the award for most secretive wedding of the year! Only the photo below was released and the rest has been left up to our imagination. But with the Boone Hall location (where The Notebook was filmed), it was undoubtedly ridiculously romantic. She wore Marchesa, he wore Burberry and the 60 guests didn’t wear a cell phone. They had to give that up at the door, as well as sign an agreement that they wouldn’t discuss the wedding. How romantic.
  10. Justin & Jessica – He sings, dances, acts and is effortlessly cool. She’s athletic yet girly and just exudes total gorgeousness. So, of course, we were all obsessively pouring over every detail of this couple’s wedding (it wasn’t just me, right?). This double-celeb couple jetted to a high-end resort in Southern Italy to say “I Do”, as well as many of their high-profile besties. The only guests noticeably absent? N’SYNC! Wouldn’t “This I Promise You” have been the perfect song to walk down the aisle to?? Obviously an oversight, but luckily Justin had written an original song for the blushing bride, which he performed at the ceremony.  I’m sure it was no “God Must Have Spent a Little More Time on You” but Jess and I will get over it.