Hit The Nail On The Head With These Looks!

I absolutely LOVE getting manicures! Nicely done nails have a way of making your hands look more slender, sleek and gorg! I just have to be more patient when the polish is drying 😉 So ladies, obviously getting your nails done for the big day is a MUST! I personally love french manicures or light, classic pinks – a little safe I admit, so I did some digging and came up with a few classic styles with a twist!

mani 1

Love this look! How CUTE!

Photo Cred: Trendhunter

mani 2

Glitter, Glitter, Everywhere!

mani 3

Modern, Edgy….love it!

Photo Cred: Pinterest

mani 4

Delicate, feminine, and sparkly…what more could you want?!

Photo cred: Pinterest

mani 5

Carrie Bradshaw needs this mani, her black diamond from Mr. Big would POP & SPARKLE!

Photo Cred: Stylegrill